Our chocolates are heat sensitive and we will try our hardest to send out your products every Monday.  We would rather our chocolates melt in your mouth and not in a shipping warehouse.  So we will be express posting chocolates in the Summer months. For other countries please enquire through the contact page or send an email to p.preuss@livingkoko.com.

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Yes, from the sorting of the beans to the wrapping of the labels.

Yes we work with Women in Business an NGO and Savaii Koko in Samoa that support pacific farmers to ensure ethical and fair trade.

Yes. All of the beans are organic as noted on the website; The sugar used is organic raw sugar which is organically certified. Our farmers have been farming with traditional indigenous practises since the beginning of time.  Organic farming is a way of being back home in the islands and the farmers understand the relationships with all the plants on their lands.  There are no chemicals used on their properties.

Yes. It is also dairy free and allergy safe!  We want to create inclusive chocolates and products that everyone can enjoy.

Yes all of our cacao products are vegan and incredibly delicious!

Some studies have found evidence that dark chocolate could be, although they are not conclusive and warrant further investigation. It’s also important to distinguish that dark chocolate contains no animal fats like milk or white chocolate. Living Koko Chocolate consists of simply cacao, Australian cane sugar and a natural emulsifier. Studies so far have found some links between dark chocolate and better cardiovascular health, decreased blood pressure and increased brain activity. It should also be noted that on average people who eat dark chocolate regularly have a lower BMI than those who do not. Cacao also contains precursors for dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls the brains reward and pleasure centres. Additionally cacao is the most potent natural source of antioxidants in the world when put up to a free radical oxidant absorption test.

…However, chocolate like anything should be consumed in moderation alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Don’t take our word for it though, if you’re interested in doing some further review:

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